The 3 Key Elements of Your Best Proposals

If Your Proposal Isn’t Compliant, Easy to Grade, and Compelling, Don’t Bother Submitting How much did your company spend on its last proposal? And what did your writers focus on? If you’re like many companies new to Government contracting, you spent a lot of the allowed page count telling the Government what a wonderful company […]

3 Steps for Creating a COMPLIANT Proposal Outline

Avoiding Rewrites Saves Time and Money The initial high level bullets of your outline should be created by you (the proposal manager) or a trusted assistant (whose initial outline you will ensure is compliant). Don’t fall into the trap of just asking your writers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to give you an outline for […]

The 3 Cardinal Rules of Proposal Outlines

You have your RFP in hand (finally!) and are eager to get started. You start writing immediately. A week of 12-hour workdays later you give your baby rough draft to your reviewers and they thrash it – it’s hard to grade, it doesn’t answer all the requirements in the RFP, and it’s non-compliant. So much […]

Avoiding the Deadly Sins of Proposal Writing

Proposal writing is scary and can be rife with hidden dangers and traps. You know you have an amazing company/product/employees, but how do you write a proposal that demonstrates your ability without sounding like a used car salesman? 1. Ignore your customer’s requirements. When the government releases an RFP they state the services they are looking for […]