How a Navy SEAL started in Gov’t contracts… and then Broke out of the Mold and into New Markets

How a Navy SEAL started in Gov’t contracts… and then Broke out of the Mold and into New Markets

Jeff Gonzales targeted a niche to get his first Government contract. This video follows his journey of what did and didn’t work for him as owner of Trident Concepts

Jeff is a veteran entrepreneur who started a company based on the knowledge he learned in the military as a Navy SEAL. He got his first big work through contracts with the Department of Defense, but then worked to expand his business to other Law Enforcement Agencies and the civilian sector. His company, Trident Concepts is a reality based training company specializing in weapons, tactics and demolitions to meet the evolving threat. Jeff’s commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on networking helped Trident Concepts branch out faster and farther than many other small businesses.

Jeff’s Advice to Veterans Starting a Business

  • Stay true to your niche – you are building a brand. Overreaching in the beginning can be dangerous to the longterm health of your business.
  • Talk to everyone – Government contracts are more about talking to the right people and developing relationships than just submitting proposals.
  • Find other markets that need your niche services 

Veteran Startup Strategy eBook

We briefly chatted about the Veteran Startup Strategy, an eBook designed to get vets started in Government contracting at Don’t waste time spinning your wheels, download the Veteran Startup Strategy eBook to get a step-by-step guide to starting your own Gov’t Contracting business.

About the Interviewer

After graduating from the Naval Academy, Kathy Borkoski was lucky to have the opportunity to find her personal leadership style in a high-stakes environment as a Navy diver and bomb technician. Following her military career, she became a stunt double in Hollywood for two years, where she went from a complete unknown to attending the Oscars of stunt doubling in less than a year through dedicated networking. Combining her love of calculated risk, problem solving, and networking, she is now the VP of Trident Proposal Management, providing large and small businesses with a strategic execution plan to win more Government contracts.

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