Executive Presentation Skills

“We teach beyond the typical presentation tips and techniques, “—take your hands out of your pockets” and “—don’t use more than seven bullets on your slide.” We make a real difference in our student’s presentation skills by helping them develop the capacity to listen closely, observe keenly, connect quickly and act authentically. The results are nothing short of transformative.”

-Jeff Everage
President, Trident Proposal Management/Executive Presentation Skills Instructor

Executive Presentation Services:

      • Build and Prepare a Presentation that is Memorable
      • Incorporate Teaching Techniques for All Learning Types
      • Hit Key Points in New and Fresh Ways
      • Use Engaging Stories to Demonstrate Experience
      • How to Control Body Language During a Presentation
      • How to Leave a Positive Impression

Does your proposal include an oral presentation or board review? In such cases, a well written proposal can bring you to the threshold of victory but ultimate success will hinge upon a presentation that answers all of the board’s questions, engages its members and distinguishes you from the rest of the competition.

In many cases, contracting firms will use a mix of in-house personnel, subject matter experts, and outside consultants and teaming partners when bidding on a proposal. Usually, most of these people have never met in person, when all-of-a-sudden they have to deliver a very complex presentation as a cohesive team. Without the proper training, most contractors will deliver a less-than-favorable performance.

Your company could differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd by being the group that has trained its presenters to look past the grade sheet and focus on the people doing the grading. Our executive presentation skills courses can help you reach your target audience and receive high marks on your next presentation.

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