Proposal Management

“To win a government contract, you have to write a winning proposal. We have developed a simple, proven system that can help you do it right, the first time, and avoid expensive rewrites that shrink your profit margin.”

-Kathy Borkoski
Vice President, Trident Proposal Management

Proposal Management Services:

  • Proposal Team Management
  • Proposal Writing and Technical Editing
  • RFP Analysis
  • Proposal Design and Development
  • Proposal Planning and Outline Development
  • Volume Lead and Management
  • Color Team Review (Gold, Blue, Pink, and Red)
  • Compliance Reviews and Gap Analysis
  • Proposal Strategy Development
  • Win Theme Development and Integration
  • Customer and Competitor Analyses


Creating a proposal is hard work piled on top of already busy schedules, important client demands and stressful budget constraints. And if your team doesn’t have a proper process in place, your chances of writing a winning proposal are low.

With Trident Proposal Management, your company is one skillfully written proposal away from its next big win. We can help you deliver a proposal that speaks to your customer, encompasses all their requirements and long-range goals, and demonstrates how your company will help them meet those goals. You don’t have to struggle and keep wasting valuable time and money. You can hire experts to ensure you deliver the best proposal possible.

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